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J. Kiffin Penry earned an international reputation for his numerous contributions to the field of epilepsy, and was one of the most influential epilepsy leaders of his generation. Always a strong advocate for the epilepsy patient, he recognized a need to educate physicians in the field of epilepsy.  In 1986 Dr. Penry organized the first Epilepsy MiniFellowship program.  The J. Kiffin Penry Epilepsy MiniFellowship® Programs enter their third decade as one of the premier post-graduate epilepsy education programs in the country.

Please visit our Epilepsy Education Programs page for more information, including course overviews, program dates, and application process.


B/W photo of Dr. Penry

COVID-19 Update:

We are all acutely aware of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on travel and assembly. We are monitoring the situation and will modify our programs’ schedules as needed to comply with federal, state, and local restrictions and guidelines, as well as for the protection and safety of our participants, faculty, and staff. Please see the calendar page for the current program schedule.

 Guest Faculty
Leading epilepsy researchers and physicians head up our guest faculty.
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